As you’d expect from a team that’s so fascinated by people, we think of each audience as a group of individuals. Some wear suits or lab coats. Others wear hoodies or cardigans. But at the heart of every business challenge is a fallible, distracted and complex human being.


We’ve carried out B2B market research in over 50 countries across all the world’s continents, on topics from brand to behavioural economics. Our audiences range from large multinationals to SMEs and SOHOs (micro-businesses and one-man-bands).

And why do clients choose Jigsaw? Because we understand that business people are just people, subject to human biases and self-interest. And with this understanding, we get deeper and better insights.


Politicians. Journalists. C-suite executives. Your stakeholders are usually senior experts with strong opinions and packed diaries. So your stakeholder research needs careful handling.

That’s when you need a senior team like ours. You get dependable ambassadors for your brand, with the experience and diplomacy to ensure these interviews go well.


Student loans to retirement plans. Fuel buying to car insurance. Corner shops to online shopping. We’ve worked on a huge range of subjects, getting under the skin of consumers to find out what they really think. Our ‘whole conscious’ approach means we understand all the factors that drive their behaviour.

But the danger of talking about ‘consumers’ is that we think of them as a grey, homogeneous mass. At Jigsaw we think of them as people. That means we don’t just give you data – we uncover the colourful details that bring them to life, in all their complexity and contradictions.

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