When things go right - the 3 keys to improving customer relationships

By Tom Vannozzi, June 2021

I’d love to say that the outcome of every project I’ve worked on has led to massive improvements for our clients.  There have been many successes (and some failures) but the reality is that improving customer relationships can be hard and is not always successful.

But one project I have been working on for the past 5 years has driven significant improvement in the customer relationship every single year.  The results are remarkable – since 2016 negative results have been virtually eliminated and we are still seeing further improvements in 2021.  It got me thinking. What can we learn here – what has gone right?  I identified 3 keys to this success:


1.  Define your problem


2.  Design a survey to identify positive change


3.  Deliver action not information


It sounds simple and there is more to it than briefly outlined here.  But if it was easy then every customer interaction would be brilliant.  In this case the results speak for themselves.

If you’d like to find out more about our approach to improving customer relationships then please do get in touch here.


Head of Quantitative Research