Top books every researcher should read

Posted by Peter Totman, on 16th April 2019

What is great about research is that it is all about understanding people – but that makes it challenging too. The industry has always had deep roots in academia – and new thinking is constantly emerging across a range of areas. Even in the age of podcasts and TED Talks books have a vital place. We thought it would help to produce a booklist that can help. There is some heavy stuff here – but also some eclectic and light stuff. Even some holiday reading… maybe not.  It has been compiled by the Jigsaw team. We are hoping this will encourage you and us to read a bit more. It is meant to be provocative and interactive – we’d love to hear what you agree with – and more importantly what we’ve left out. Let us know! We do this to inspire and encourage – not to shame or guilt-trip, honest! Happy reading.

Classic Texts – For Purists

Some Shortcuts – For Mere Mortals

  BY SUBJECT Behavioural Sciences

Social Psychology

Evolutionary Psychology


Eclectic/ Miscellaneous/Personal Choices