The definitive ‘Top 10’

By Tim Dixon, May 2020

I’m sure I’m not the only one noticing an increasing number of ‘Top 10s’ in the media over the past few weeks. Whether it’s the Match of the Day Top 10 Ballon d’Or Winners or the Top 10 things to do this week or even the Top 10 Lockdown Beauty Tips (my personal favourite)! 

I recently found a list of the best James Bond movies on The Guardian website and it started a bit of a debate in our ‘virtual’ office… After some discussion, I realised that it was very hard to come up with an overall ranking and even harder to decide on a definitive ‘Top 10’.  So, after chatting to one of our stats gurus, I decided to settle the argument with a company-wide MaxDiff!  I selected The Guardian’s Top 10 (so my colleagues couldn’t have a go at me) and then asked them to choose their most and least favourite movies, from a number of statistically designed selections. 

Now, as many of you know, MaxDiff is a great technique as it’s straightforward for the participant and provides really useful ratio data (and a measure of difference magnitudes) for the researcher.

I’m really happy with the outcome of our ‘Top 10’ research!  It provides a definitive 007 ranking and a relative difference in preference between the movies – but you may disagree?

Tim Dixon



We offer the full range of analytical techniques at Jigsaw Research, including MaxDiff (Maximum Difference Scaling).  Our analytical experts work as part of the project team, so you get clear recommendations – rather than overwhelming stats! 

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