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Unveiling silent majorities: Woke culture and youth audiences

30th November 2023

W E B I N A R | Things you don’t say to your gran – Young people and woke culture – 30th November 2023


‘The Snowflake Generation’. ‘The Wokerati’. ‘The Woke Brigade’. All labels we’ve seen, read, heard, and maybe even used ourselves to describe young people today.

But what do young people think? How close do they feel to modern day ‘woke culture’? And how far does this influence their ability (or desire) to say what they really think?

As the theoretical ‘Culture Wars’ wage on, we at Jigsaw wanted to look below the surface to discover what young people are really thinking, feeling, and saying about ‘woke culture’, to fully understand:

• What do they understand ‘woke’ to mean?
• Where do they draw the line between what’s ‘morally right’ and ‘going too far’?
• Are they self-censoring to fit into a societal ‘norm’?
• How can brands better speak to them as a generation?
• How do we deal with this, both for conducting research and interpreting findings?

Seeing beyond the stereotypes is crucial to effectively resonate with young people as participants, customers… and individuals.


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