Free Webinar - Making Connections

How brands and researchers can navigate a socially distant world

We didn’t plan for our seminar to be about the pandemic.

But Covid-19 has changed so much in our world, including how we relate to brands and how we interact with each other. So we think it’s important to help our clients keep up to date with the latest thinking.

Our webinar will help clients understand the new attributes that brands are being judged on, and introduces a new way of doing research in the post-pandemic world.


Session 1: What Moral Foundations Theory teaches us about the way brands are being assessed in today’s morally supercharged world – and what to do about it

We explore how perceptions of brands have been shaped by their actions (or lack of them) during the pandemic – and how this links to the deep seated moral compass that we all have and which influences our outlook on the world.

Critically, we will provide guidance on what brands need to do to navigate this new territory in the future.


Session 2: How we’ve integrated WhatsApp into our research platform to get closer to consumers, when we can’t be with them physically

We’re the first agency in the world to integrate WhatsApp into our digital research platform. This means we have more authentic, media rich conversations with people who find the research process more engaging and fulfilling.

We’ll show how this approach saves time and money and delivers better insights.  We will also give guidance on where it doesn’t work so well!



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