Jigsaw joins STRAT7

By Sue van Meeteren, August 2022

Introducing STRAT7 Jigsaw

Joining STRAT7 is fantastic news for Jigsaw. We have had a great time running our own show for 24 years and are proud of what we have achieved for our clients and our fantastic team.  But joining STRAT7 will mean that we can secure Jigsaw’s future in several key respects – in particular growing our international presence and accelerating the developing of the tools and services we can offer to clients.  We have been approached several times over the years by potential partners/buyers but STRAT7 offers by far the best fit and the most exciting opportunity for us – we are properly excited to have joined the group.

At Jigsaw, we are known for our technical excellence and thinking, for our creativity and for our excellent client service.   We have a track record of winning agency awards, and we employ smart, experienced, people who clients respect and trust.  The feedback we get (including in a recent review of our key client relationships) significantly exceeds agency benchmark scores.

But strong relationships only help our clients when we can back up the trust with solutions that solve their problems. Most of the time we can, but there are some things they need which we can’t yet offer, or that we need to improve.

Happily, joining STRAT7 creates huge opportunities for us to provide a more rounded offer to our clients. We’ll be able to work with and access cutting edge online community tech, proprietary data collection platforms, experts on culture, enhanced design capabilities, best-in-class data science, AI and more. And the group’s growing US team will mean we can offer broader and deeper support to our important US clients as well.  This is a family of agencies with real expertise and quality – we know our clients will benefit immediately and significantly from this new collaboration and it will open up new opportunities for our team too.

So this is good news for our clients and it is also good news for Jigsaw people – both those who work here today and those who want to work here in future. I can’t think of another business that can offer its people the learning and development opportunities that we now can.

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