Getting back to face-to-face

By Hazel Fletcher, July 2021

Monday 16th March 2020 found me in Inverness running a workshop on TV viewing habits on what was to be the last night of face-to-face fieldwork for Jigsaw before lockdown.

As I was starting the workshop, Boris was making the announcement on national TV that would mean the end of face-to-face fieldwork for the immediate future … the workshop scheduled for the next evening was cancelled and I returned to London little realising that it would be a full 15 months before I would be face-to-face with any respondents again.

Face-to-face fieldwork re-started for Jigsaw last Thursday (1st July 2021) with a workshop amongst local small businesses in Ludlow.  Our faces tell the story – so good to be back in the same room as our respondents!!