Defining Jigsaw’s Life Sciences Expertise: Your Questions Answered

By Andrew Way, June 2024

Following 15 years of working in market research within the healthcare space at various agencies (mixture of Pharmaceutical & MedTech), I recently moved to STRAT7 Jigsaw to head up their Life Sciences division, which has been conducting market research within this sector for 20+ years.

Since then, I have been asked by many people about “Life Sciences” – such as “what sort of things do you research?” And even “what is it?”

It turns out that the definition of “Life Sciences” depends on where you look, as typing this search term into a search engine produces highly variable results. The Oxford dictionary defines it as: “the sciences concerned with the study of living organisms, including biology, botany, zoology, microbiology, physiology, biochemistry, and related subjects.”

Since the term “Life Sciences” is so broad, I wanted to share how we define it at Jigsaw and answer any potential questions you may have in terms of our expertise and reach within this sector.


Question #1:  How do you define Life Sciences?

Broadly, when we are referring to “Life Sciences” at Jigsaw we are typically referring to the manufacture of biopharmaceuticals, such as traditional biologics (monoclonal antibodies) and newer/emerging modalities such as antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), viral vectors, cell therapies, gene therapies and many more.


Question #2:  What product areas are included within your definition of “Life Sciences”?

Our clients are generally manufacturers and vendors of hardware/equipment, consumables, raw materials, and software that is used in the development and manufacture of drugs. Subsequently, typical products include bioreactors, chromatography equipment and resins, filters, cell culture media, control systems & software, logistics/transportation/storage and much, much more.

We also have experience across the whole workflow from Research/Discovery through to Process Development, Clinical & Commercial Manufacturing and Fill/Finish.


Question #3:  Which respondents do you typically target for your Life Sciences projects?

We typically target senior Scientists at a range of organisations, from Academia to small Biotechs, through to medium-to-large Biopharma and CDMOs/CROs.

Again, target job titles vary by project and whether we are looking to recruit decision makers or operators but typically include:


Question #4:  In what Countries/Regions are you able to source these respondents?

We have built up expertise in recruiting in most countries/regions across the world, including:


Question #5:  What type of projects do you conduct?

We conduct an even mix of qualitative and quantitative approaches, covering topics ranging from foundational to tactical such as:


If you have any additional questions or would just like to discuss our Life Sciences expertise in more detail, please contact me ( or Marion Gannon (


Andrew Way
Co-Lead – Life Sciences
STRAT7 Jigsaw