We believe that communications research, whether it’s examining a major brand launch, or a basic application form, should start with a simple question: what response is the communication designed to provoke?

Frustrated by the poor reputation of research in the creative development process, we designed our own approach Concept Nursery (in partnership with Ogilvy) designed to identify and build on the potential of creative ideas, using consumers as partners in this process rather than as unqualified critics.

Too often, communications tracking research relies on people being able to recognise and articulate their rational responses. We believe that by focusing on the core desired response and by measuring sub-conscious as well as conscious reaction, we can provide more accurate and actionable measures of effectiveness.

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Case Study

How to research creative ideas without destroying them

American Express wanted to research a radically different campaign, designed to change perceptions of the brand. But how could research help evolve the campaign without destroying its creative soul? 

Working collaboratively, American Express, Ogilvy and Jigsaw utilised principles of Appreciative Inquiry to create a new research approach we call Concept Nursery: 3 hour workshops, with optimistic and open-minded participants tasked with identifying and building upon the strengths of the creative concept. 


The research helped guide the development of the campaign which has launched in 8 markets and won praise from the ad team and from the research industry (MRS New Consumer Insights award 2009).

To find out more, contact Sue van Meeteren or 
Peter Totman