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Technology is everywhere.

Rather than focusing only on how people use digital technology, we think it’s important to understand where technology fits within a person’s whole life.

In the past, the digital world was shaped by our pre-existing behaviour. Now it seems that the digital world (and especially social media) is itself defining our lives.

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Case Study

How do you market to small and medium businesses in a recession?

BT wanted to become the preferred ITC supplier of SMEs in the UK so needed to understand their needs and issues – and only had 8 weeks to do it.

The project used a three stage mixed methodology – qual to quant to qual.  Jigsaw managed the qualitative element in collaboration with ICM who managed the quantitative.  Success rested on 2 key factors: our ability to work closely with BT and ICM, and our knowledge of the qualitative techniques needed to unlock the needs and preoccupations of SMEs.

We believe that true collaboration makes projects faster and produces greater insights.  This was the case here.  Collaboration gave BT findings at the end of the process that were immediately usable – without the need for further work by the internal team.

The insights fed directly into BTs marketing strategy for both communications and product development.  We developed an easy to use segmentation, based on SMEs’ response to the recession that has also been widely used by BT.

To find out more, contact Tim Dixon or Alex Johnston