Shopping decisions are complex and unpredictable; and as with every other sector increasingly shaped by the digital world.

We use tools and techniques (based on the latest thinking in behavioural sciences and utilising mobile digital technology such as our Consumercam) that enable us to go with customers on their journeys. This helps us spot key milestones and turning points along the way, which our clients can convert into business opportunities.

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Case Study

New Mums

New mums have a lot to contend with:and our client was concerned that they were not doing enough to cater to their needs in everything from customer service to store layout.

We recruited a mini panel of new mums and devised a number of tasks that looked at practical and emotional needs as well as actual shopping experiences.  Using online tools we were able to gain an insight into what they did, where they went and what their overall experiences were in individual stores/online, as well as tapping into the emotional aspects of shopping as a newbie mum.  

Our client implemented key changes that resulted in increased customer satisfaction; having the right staff in place, improved baby changing and nursing facilities as well as an improved online offer.  However, the biggest nightmare for mums is the actual in-store experience - something all retailers need to work on if they want to keep this particular customer group happy.

To find out more, contact Marion Gannon or 
Alex Johnston