Professional Services

A key challenge facing professional services companies is differentiation.

Professional services companies often operate on the assumption that their clients are making highly rational decisions.

We apply latest thinking from consumer research and invent bespoke techniques to break through the mask of rationality and provide insights, which help our clients to stand out.

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Case Study

How do you take a brand from idea to market leader?

Established business started in 2001 and we like to think we helped in their early success.

As a start-up dotcom they recognised a need for researching their website; at a time when there were few principles/rules for doing so.

We used a programme of research designed to meet a start-up's needs; stakeholder/opinion leaders, website development, naming and so on.

We’re proud to have been involved in’s successful launch.  Nowadays with 200,000 visiting each month, is recognised as the leading premium property portal in the UK.

To find out more, contact Ann Morgan or Sarah McKee