Life Sciences

Life Science is about scientists. To really be successful in this sector you've got to understand them, and what makes them tick. And we know that scientists, like other B2B audiences are making imperfect decisions, subject to the same irrational biases as everyone else (and are probably a bit more superstitious than most).

We love the crossover between scientists, B2B and consumer audiences; we borrow consumer techniques to help understand relationships and decisions made by scientists.

To find out more, contact ;Marion Gannon or Alex Johnston

Case Study

Developing a best-in-class life science website

Our client wanted to re-design its website from scratch to ensure it would meet the needs of its customers both as a commercial site and a repository of information.

The core of the project was the three hour co-creational workshop, preceded by a detailed online pre-task. We tasked scientists with examining how they used websites in general in their personal as well as work lives, for all conceivable purposes. They also identified best practice; our objective here was to prime respondents with a level of knowledge and 'buy-in'.  With our motivated respondent team we then 'built' our client the 'go to' website of choice.

The client design and marketing teams attended all sessions and found the experience to be crucial in understanding their customers' needs.  The redesign has proved to be popular and has generated improved satisfaction ratings from its user base.

To find out more, contact Marion Gannon or 
Alex Johnston