We think getting the process right is just the start of stakeholder research.

Where we conduct research we know we're ambassadors for the brand but that's not enough. We need to map the stakeholder landscape, identifying what influences the influencers, being alert to both soapbox sermons and hidden agendas; sensitive to the difference between policy disagreements and relationship issues.

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Case Study

Food Standards Agency 

Our client needed to understand the views of its stakeholders in critical policy areas across as many audiences as possible, covering Industry, NGOs, Central Government, Local Authorities, Academics, the Media and MPs.

We used a three stage mixed methodology - qual to quant to qual.  Success rested on three key factors; fully immersing ourselves in the world of the Food Standards Agency so we were able to engage knowledgably and professionally with stakeholders, segmenting the stakeholder audience and tailoring the interview approach accordingly and optimising the stakeholder experience at every stage of the study.

The insights fed straight into the Agency’s strategy to inform engagement with stakeholders on issues such as procedures for consultation on policy, enhancing the Agency’s website and communication with the Media.

To find out more, contact Ann Morgan or Alex Johnston